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Tuesday, June 15th 2010

11:11 AM


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I miss you guys, faithful blog readers, and I miss blogging.

I have been so darn busy my head is spinning... Like a race horse reaching the final stretch and giving everything it's got to get to that finish line.

So close... And yet so far...

If it's all the same to you, I'd like to randomly blog to share, vent and inform, and keep them entries short and sweet. My current lack of time precluding me from doing my more elaborate, photo heavy entries which take on average about 3 hours each (this is counting the time it takes to select & resize the photos, brand them with logo, save them then upload them on the server, then write the blog entry, paste the photos and format everything and then of course... The fixing of typos and spellos oye oye oye... That alone might take days HAHA!

It takes so long, I end up postponing it for the day I have some "free time"... And since that day is the 366th day of the year... Well... You get the idea .

So let's do them short and sweet and I'll simply paste a screengrab with each small entry, and give you the chance to discover scenes from the film, or re-discover them, if you already saw the grab.

That's it for today, I'll blog daily from now on, if I can

So come back daily to discover a NEW screengrab, a new sneak glimpse at DEUCE OF SPADES!

Below: Bob and the gang (right car) race to get to Johnny's shop before he returns from his test drive.



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Posted by Adrian:

I'll still keep reading, still here wishing you all the best.

Keep blogging short or long!!
Tuesday, June 15th 2010 @ 1:04 PM

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