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Thursday, June 17th 2010

11:08 PM


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How many hotrodders does it take to screw on a light bulb?


One holds the light bulb and the other one does the donuts HAHAHA!

Well OK, so I'm not sure exactly how many it takes to screw on a light bulb but I can tell you this much: It took one space engineer, one filmmaker and one editor to figure out how to make a proper table cloth for our booth table ...

Cause we've been busy. Preparing. The LA Roadster show is around the corner and I was caught with my pants down. Again. Lost track of time I guess, my world is spinning at 34785634892650347504356 circumvolutions a second, so what da ya expect? I blinked twice and next thing I know the LA Roadster shows is BACK. Dang. One year has gone by already?????

Well it's not like I could miss it, so I was forcefully torn off my sound mixing and scoring duties and plugged into the show circuit. At 45604554000000 Volts.  Jerry and I been going NON STOP for an entire week now, and by a miracle of God were able to pull a booth off.  It was not without challenges, as you know Murphy's Law says that the less time you have to get things together, the more things will fall apart and go terribly wrong. Basically like pulling teeth. No one had the canopy I wanted in stock, some promised they had it, only to call me back a few days later and state that they goofed and "after all" do not have it  ... Leaving me stranded with even LESS time to get everything together... Others had it but the wrong frame color, while others had the right frame and canopy color but were missing the side walls...   

Somebody shoot me now and put me out of my misery!

But, slowly but surely, cause I'm part woman, part bulldog and I never let go once I bite, I was able to gather all the elements needed for the booth.

Tuesday I found out the projector I was given last year,  which I was told worked, does not work afterall (it figures) and is not repairable (well of course). With only 3 days left to line up a suitable replacement, I was lucky my buddy Cole was able to let me use his. I intend to test the water with it this week-end and if my idea works, then I'll invest in something more permanent, and of better specs. For now, his will have to do.

Later in the evening, Jerry, Didier (editor of French magazine AMERICAN MUSCLE CARS AND HOTRODS) and me found ourselves doing some sewing. Thrilling. What seemed to be an easy task turned out to be a 4 hour ordeal, (6 if you count the amount of time spent looking for the right fabric at 2 different stores). Once again Murphy's Law was in full effect. Any fabric I liked, the store was almost out of, and they were consistently just a hair short of the 6 yards I needed to make the table cover... One store sold us 4 feet and sent us to their other location to get the remaining 2. But once we got there we discovered that their inventory was not correct and the fabric that was set aside for us was NOT (and I repeat: NOT) the same fabric, so basically the 4 feet did not match the last 2 feet.   Well, after many more gyrations, I did finally get my way and at long last the table cloth task was checked OFF my long TO DO list. Sheeeesh....

Yesterday we did another session, to try out the new canopy. We erected it, strapped everything, set up the table, sidewalls, screen, projector and even 3 way sound system. So there we were, on a Wednesday night (work night) at 11PM, under a canopy, watching the film on the big screen.

Needless to say it was hard to get any work done once we fired up the footage. Where's the popcorn?  But we had to break down the entire booth and pack it up pronto cause it was getting really late. I hit the sack at 1 AM (again - it's been that way all week), and fell asleep before my head touched my pillow. Literally.

Today was another non stop day spent gathering the last items missing. Booth is starting to look respectable now, and it's just the foundation, I'll perfect it over the next few months, gradually, as funds become available. For now, as of tonight 10PM we are finally READY.

So if you go to the LA Roadster how this week-end, come by vendor space G-1 (easy to remember "G" as in Granger hehehehe) and come check out my table cloth. It's quite DAZZLING.

OK, so maybe not "dazzling" but it was a labor of love...

Below: Judging by how dusty my sewing machine was, I have not done any sewing in a long time. Yep, just another one of my many many many hats 


Special thanks to Jerry for working his fannies off all week to help me pull this 'coup de force' off. Garlic Girl and Ziplock Boy prevail again  

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Posted by louis poleet:

cant wait 1 see it keep up da good work hun can i be in ur next movie?? god bless n hav a gd day:):):)
Tuesday, November 16th 2010 @ 7:58 PM

Posted by jérôme:


je suis français , dingue des usa et possesseur d'une voiture américaine en restauration ( buick riviera 1966)

je voulais savoir est-ce que votre film sortira un jour en France ? et y aura t'il une version totalement en français ( avec les parole français ?)

dans l'attente d'une réponse je vous en remercie
Friday, December 17th 2010 @ 10:36 AM

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