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Wednesday, June 23rd 2010

5:02 AM


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After a long week-end spent promoting the film and talking to the many many fans, I was SPENT. Heck, I was SPENT to the last dime before I headed out to the show... Let alone after!

Had to stay at work until almost 9PM on Monday to process all the orders and credit names donations that had piled up while I was gone. A time consuming task cause I try to reply to every contributor, so I found myself at 8PM leaving the office and realizing I had not had lunch yet ... Ogh.

Yesterday was not much better, except I left work at 3PM ( which is my normal "go home" hour), only to notice I had not yet had BREAKFAST!

A quick trip to El Polo Loco (Which should be reNaMed:"El Faith Loco", cause I am LOCO) insured my blood sugars bounced back from the

MINUS -1000000 level they were at  and then it was a trip to the near by Rite Aid for an...


As I sat there, on the sidewalk, eating my little rocky road scoop, I could not help but think that it had been, in deed, a ROCKY ROAD, a loooooong rocky road, full of bumps and holes and detours and dead ends and many miles of it right on the edge of a ravine so deep that, should one of your tire wander off the path, you surely would be D.E.A.D before reaching the bottom.

Making the film.

I took a bite out of the melting chocolate (cool! An almond!). Life is like a scoop of rocky road icecream. You never know what you gonna get.  When I took a bite out of making a feature hot rod film, I had no idea... Which is good thing cause if I had know just how much work it was going to be, I would have shied away and passed on the most incredible adventure of my life.

Oh trust me I KNEW it was going to be the most ever difficult thing I had ever tackled, but I didn't know just  how INVOLVING it was all going to be. To what superb extent. Wow.

Another bite yielded a chunk of marshmellow. Soft, sweet and mellow... Like savouring the success of the film... Like receiving the 4 page spread KUSTOM magazine is about to print in their July issue. I'm getting a lot of press in France. Makes my folks really proud... Cause that's where they live, in Nice, France. 

Met a French fan at the show, he was so cute, he said "I have read everything ever written about you and I took all the photos and pasted them on my garage wall. My wife is livid with jalousy and she said: "well why don't you just MARRY her while you're at it"

He would. Except he's already married... To you! HAHAHAHAHA

I thought that was the sweetest thing I have ever heard and also the funniest. Ironically, while many fans have photos of my deuce and I on their wall, I, on the other hand, can't seem to get past the first date with any of the local non hotrodder morons that are single in my city. They take one look at me and run fast as they can the opposite direction. They show up to the date driving what they thought to be their cool macho fency cars (BMW, Sports cars, japanese brand new models and what else), which I called the "shit cars" while I was filming my flashbacks. They feel macho men. Confident, Sexy.. Irresistible (?).Then they take one look at the Deuce, and leave with their tails between their legs (hum, pun intended). Cause no dude wants to date a chick that has a car cooler than his. (sigh)

Hey! Where you goin'?? Come back here!

And cause let's face it, there ain't nothing more COOL then a 32 roadster.  So I think I'm in deep doodoo here.

The deuce is laughing his head off. YOUR MINE he says. But that much, I already knew...

Yesterday as I ate my ice cream and relaxed for 2 full minutes, I had this feeling that I was on vacation. It was summer. Maybe I was going to go to the beach or something... Lay in the sand with coconut lotion and a beach towel... Possibly next to a cute boy...   Ahhhhh... A "normal" life.

The mirage was short lived. I shoved the last bit of cone in my mouth and zipped out of there. Destination: Many. Running errands, falling asleep at the wheel. A quick trip to Fry's elelectronics to scope out projectors, DVD players and check out options for my booth, and to return the little speaker system they sold me that didn't work (Remember? Murphy's Law?)

Came home around 6PM and went straight to bed. Thought I'd close my eye for just a moment. Woke up at 5AM the next day.

And now I'm typing this.

Well I gotta go, duty calls (again and again and again and again) and I must render the 30 minute previews I am overnighting to BILLETPROOF today.

More info on that and on the LA ROASDSTER show in my next entry .


Below: The deuce keeps the boys away. He's the possessive kind, what can I say!




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Posted by Doug:

I'll marry ya!

Seriously, most guys just don't "get it".

Around here people don't know why I run a 41 year old boat either. Reason is that I LIKE it, AND it isn't like everybody elses characterless floating P.O.S. that they had to take out a second mortgage on!:-?
Wednesday, June 23rd 2010 @ 9:50 AM

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