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Saturday, June 26th 2010

8:05 AM


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Back in New York, Darren D'agostino has been slaving away from MONTHS now to create for us a magnificant title treatment !! Wish I could post some screengrabs but it's hush hush TOP SECRET.

All I can say is that you guys will shit in your pants  cause this treatment is worthy of a big studio release.

Darren has spent many many many nights on this, so I want all of you to know, when you see the first 20 seconds of the film that it took MONTHS and a zillion hours of hard work to create this 3D title treatement. Darren has been doing the impossible, making the software do things it is not even supposed to be able to do.

What is most commandable about all this is that Darren is doing it PRO BONO, to help the cause. So let's all give a nice round of applause for Darren and remember when you see the film title that it was HE who made it all happen.

Darren has been sending me screengrabs and preliminary renders several times a week and this week he was able to send me the first near complete render, so I could really see what it is going to look like, with skins and everything.


Another DEUCE OF SPADES miracle?

Ya betcha Baby.

Below: This has nothing to do with our title treatment. It is not - I repeat: IS NOT - a screengrab from the title treatment - cause if I showed you - I'd have to kill you






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