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Sunday, June 27th 2010

2:34 PM


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While the cats were watching my film exclusive footage last night, having a blast at BILLETPROOF, I was home, working.

Working working working working, that's all I ever do. I am a slave to this film...

Rowing, Rowing, Rowing... Will this ever end??



Thank God it is a labor of love, otherwise I would have shot myself in the head (4 times) a long time ago. Another summer zips by. 4 years of my life "evaporated"...

I long for some "me" time, time to go camping with the dogs, time to relax...

Saturday started on the rocky side, with technical problems still pleaguing my poor little recording studio.  After wasting a few hours trying to get help of any kind, I finally figured out my problem all by myself.

And I was back in business.

From noon to 9PM I worked on doing a derivative version of an existing piece and it came out good.

Meanwhile up in Washington, scenes from my film were showing on the big screen (if all went well, and they didn't run into any technical problems). I am dying to hear the outcome and Allan (Billetproof  promoter) promised me some photos, so hopefully if he doesn't forget, I'll post a few here soon.

Today, I consolidated all the scoring I have done to date and sent it to the studio to add to the mix and later I will get started on the LAST piece, the El Biggo, the Johnny Callaway theme song. This one is going to be challenging, but I am sure I'll figure out a way to get it done.  It's been in my head for three years now, so it's about time I let it out into the universe. .

Well, I think I'm gonna go take me a little nap, have a lot of sleep to catch up still, then it's... You've guessed it... BACK TO WORK.

Below: A behind the scene photo showing actor Anthony Traina (ZIP) resting between two takes. Photo taken (if my recollection is correct) by Peter Torres.


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