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Monday, July 5th 2010

9:22 AM


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Was it really the 4rth of July yesterday? I locked myself up in the studio room and was at it all day. I never even heard a single firecracker in my neighborgood... Which is a good thing cause I was laying down guitars last night and figured that if Murphy's Law prevailed, the fireworks would go off as soon as I hit the record button LOL

Guess Murphy must have been out partying having a good time and was not watching his rules hehehehe, cause I escaped them ...

Then again, Murphy's law # 64573465 states that the chances of Murphy's Law applying is indirectly proportional to the degree of anticipation you have that it will.

(Where's the aspirin?)

Meanwhile I am at day 3 of my climax scene scoring. Day One was frustrating and discouraging and I wanted to give up. Day Two I started to see a faint light at the end of the tunnel and tried some new ideas that I think could result in something magnificant. Well, hopefully LOL.

This is the dawn of DAY 3. Got to redo my guide guitar tracks with something more final and commit to the concept. And lay vocals. Vocals are always the fun part though cause soon as I lay them the piece will spread its wing and FLY...

Let's keep my fingers crossed. Oh, and my toes, too .

Below: A hop scene from the film- circa 1953

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