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Sunday, July 11th 2010

8:32 PM


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I tell ya, I am sooo glad I don't give up easy. God knows I wanted to. Give up. Unplugg all the studio gear and take it out back the house and shove it in the trash bin. I kept thinking: "Who am I kidding? I am no "composer". I can't do this. I mean who could? Nobody becomes a film score composer overnight. Not even in 10 days. Pack your shit and go home girl. Maybe catch up on some sleep"

But instead, I found myself staying at my keyboard night after night battling with the score.

And slowly but surely worked my way through the thick black clouds and came out victorious on the other side. Bright sun and blue sky as far as the eyes can see... 

After I laid my vocals, I played the score. It was so good the EARTH SHOOK.

Wait. It DID shake!!!  Could it be THAT good?

It was so good it triggered an earthquake.

So I guess I was not exagerating in any way when I said that when I listened to the finished score I felt the earth move. What are the odds? That an earthquake would actually hit Southern California just as I was playing the theme music of the film?

Must be a sign .

I must confess that as I watched the climax scene with the score I was so moved that tears were rolling down both my cheeks. The music was tearing down to my very bones. My soul split in half.

Somebody pass the kleenex box.

Well kids, the lesson to learn is NEVER GIVE UP NEVER SURRENDER!

And also of course: "I'll be just fine!"


This leaves me with only one last song to record: The ballad of Johnny Callaway. I wrote it 3 years ago, sitting on the ground of my local PepBoys parking lot. I remember waking up that morning and it was in my head. My boyfriend (yes yes at the time I had a normal life and even had one of those LOL) at the time needed to go get some parts at the store (he's a hotrodder) but I didn't want to go cause I had started to strum the song on my 12 string guitar. Can't stop inspiration when it's calling.

But since he absolutely had to go, I ended up bringing my guitar along. While he was shopping, I wrote the song. It came to me so naturally and remains to date one of my best work.

So I will be finally laying it down and will be able to share it with all of you.

Meanwhile today Jerry came by to visit and I was dying to play him the new score. I had been humming it on and off for two years now and would keep telling him: Hear this? This is going to be the main theme of the film. Of course I could hear it in my head with all the strings, cellos, harp, bells and whistle. All that Jerry could hear, was little ol' me humming. How frustrating.

Imagine my delight when I sat him down in my chair and hit the PLAY button.

AND THERE IT WAS... ALL OF IT... I could see Jerry was becoming overwhelmed and was under the emotional spell of the music... We listened to it three times in a row.

"Wow Faith... Wow... You did it again!"

I told Jerry how I recorded 7 takes of the vocals in one long continuous take. Basically I was singing my head off for 18 minutes straight. Many of the notes are darn high and sang full voice, in a "pouring your guts out" heart wrenching kind of a way, there are also soft humming that go into super low notes, notes only a few female singers could hit. When I finally hit the stop button the muscles of my neck where aching. I had given it everything I got. The entire thing was completely improvised. When I started the recording I had no idea what I was going to sing. I just let the music carry me into another world. A world of feelings, imagination and complete artistic freedom. My world.

And no second take was ever necessary. All notes in perfect pitch and all tracks useable.

Guess I have not forgotten how to sing afterall.


Below: Over 500 live shows with my band ALTERNATE FAITH insured that I still have the chops.

On stage at the Troubadour:



On stage at the KEY CLUB


On stage at THE WHISKEY


On stage at BORDERS


On stage at THE ROXXY


Here at an unplugged show:



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