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Friday, July 16th 2010

9:10 AM


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I was on a roll last night so I decided to stay up until the wee hours and get the SCENE SELECTION menus done. I had this cool idea of how I wanted to present the scenes, and it worked out very nicely. It was fun to paste one screengrab for each scene and come up with a caption, a couple words that best describe the scene.

Everything lookin' real goooooOOoood.

In fact my DVD menus are going to look every bit as good and professional as any studio film out there. In some cases, better . Of course there are those huge budget productions that have jaw dropping menus that will put anyone to shame. I especially love the Harry Potter films DVD authoring work.

But after seeing just how simple and streamlined the DVD menus were for the drama: "The curious case of Benjamin Button", it goes to show that a period drama only needs to have nice graphics concept, and not so much 3D elaborate transitions and animation.

In my case,  the look and quality of the DVD menu concept and graphics will be comparable with the majority of studio releases, and since it was done by one person, at home, I have good reasons to be very happy, in deed.

Well, gotta run for now, talk to you again tomorrow.


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