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Saturday, July 17th 2010

12:16 PM


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People are insane. I am not even done with this film and they are already asking me what my next project is going to be . Makes me want to SLAP them

Are you kidding??? Let me see if I survive this one first, OK, THEN we can talk about another film, one day... Maybe...

But if you REALLLLY have to know now, then here's my next film: "Faith In Filmland".

Why, you ask?

Cause I fell through the filmmaking rabbit hole. And landed in this mystical, fairly tail like world.

This really hit me yesterday, as I visited this top notch facility in Burbank that handles the post production, transfer and restoration of films for ALL THE MAJOR STUDIOS.

The story starts with me, and my little back pack, entering the building. I had to sign in, get fingerprinted, deep cavity search (that was the fun part LOL) and the whole nine yards.

After shaving my head, tattooing my left ear and slipping a visitor's badge around my neck, I was allowed into the fortress. Not before my guide swiped his extra secret pass through some sophisticated security contraption.

The door opens and in I walk.

OK, so picture this: Rows and rows of long corridors, the walls literally covered with large movie posters of EVERY BIG PRODUCTION FILM YOU HAVE EVER SEEN.

I am walking around looking, pretty much like this:

My guide takes me into a room (no, no not another deep cavity search LOL, just showing me the facility) and points to a first machine, about the size of a refrigerator:

HIM: "this little machine cost One Million Dollars"

ME:  ( speechless)

HIM (walks up to another machine, looking almost identical): "And this one costs One and a Half Million Dollars"

ME  (speechless)

So here I was, clentchin' my little $80 SATA drive, the little ant who had just made a feature film for... Nothing (or just about).

Walking in the world of the GIANTS...   

It was exciting. And ironically I didn't feel insignificant at all. In fact I felt SPECIAL. Like I had something the big studio companies didn't: CHARISMA.

Everyone was very nice to me, ESPECIALLY my guide. A wonderful man who loves old airplanes and cars and has lived the era, he had spent, over the last weeks, over two hours on the phone with me,  educating me in matters of 35 mm film transfers, maintenance, shipping etc. Truly very generous with his time.

Well, it was very exciting to be there and to see how the pros do it. After seeing everything that goes into their films, all the expensive machines there,  I am that much more amazed at how great my film came out, considering I made it out of a little clump of clay (Wait... that reminds me of another story... HAHA!). Making lemonade out of rocks, daily, while in production. The big guy upstairs was looking after me for sure. How else could my film come out looking so darn good? And afteral, God does know how to do a lot with very little clay .

And so I frolicked my self out of the maximum security building, still clenching my $80 SATA drive, a BIG SMILE on my face.

I had DONE IT.


Below: All I needed was LOVE (a little camera and a deuce)




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