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Thursday, November 11th 2010

8:24 AM

IT...... IS ......... D - O - N - E !!!!! Oh my God Film release in 3 days!!!

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Well kids,

I know you have missed me over the past few months and God knows I have missed you too. Heck I have missed ME !

Once upon a time there was a girl, laying down on a picnic blanquet next to a peaceful, warm, body of water... The corner of her eye caught a reflection on the water... Something was floating there, in the middle of the pond? It was an idea.. A beautiful idea, but no one seemed to want to venture out into the water to go get it.  Since no one else seemed to claim the lost idea, the girl got up, grabbed her little inflatable picnic mat, tossed it in the water and began to paddle.

People started to gather on the shore to look at her attempt to catch up with the idea... Which now was slowly drifting away..

The idea was pretty in deed, and all the people there were smiling, hoping the girl could grab it and bring it back to the shore... So they could all take a closer look at it...

Well our girl paddled for a long while and just as she finally caught up with the idea and got a firm hold on it, she realized that the pond had turned into a river, and that the slight current was now carrying her West... The girl, idea in hand, was no longer able to paddle back to her peaceful little picnic spot and started dirfting down the stream...

Oh - Oh...

The river current grew stronger and stronger and it soon became painfully obvious that there was NO turning back... There was only one way to go: Down the rapids...

Sink or swim little girl... Sink or swim.

The girl could have let go of the idea and tried to swim ashore but something in her said: DON'T LET GO, NEVER GIVE UP NEVER SURRENDER... And of course the little voice also said: " It might get scary, it might get deadly, but in the end "You'll be just fine" .

So the girl clinged to her frail flotation device with one hand, clutching the idea with the other, closed her eyes and down the rapids she went...


By now people were lined up on both sides of the river, cherring as she passed... A few of them said: "Pssssht, she'll never make it, she's gonna drawn and end of story" but the others were hopeful.

At some point some river rafting pros  heard of her strange story, so they gathered by the river and managed to throw her a bigger raft as she came down the rapids. Which was a good thing, cause the little floatation device she was using was about to give up the ghost...

Sheeesh! That was close!

Now she had arrived almost to the bottom of the mountain... And thought she was out of harms way.. And that's when she heard it...


The girl wasn't sure whether she should hang on to the raft or to the idea...In the end, I think she simply hung on to dear life and plunged a good 500 feet down the fall...

All the media were now there, telling tales of her odysee, and even... French National Television??

"Hi Mom!"' Said the girl as her raft went over the edge...  X 35454566720000000

And she disappeared into the water, swallowed whole by the fall...

People ashore held their breath... Would she resurface, idea in hand, victorious... OR>>>

Meanwhile under the water, the girl was struggling to swim up to the surface. She kept trying but the current was pulling her back under... She was running out of breath... But still clinging to her idea damnit!

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the river released the girl and let her go... And she made it safely back up to the surface, holding up the idea with both hands, and with great excitement and relief she cried out:

" I DID IT!!!" "IT IS DONE!!"

 X 35454566720000000

So, if you have been wondering why I have not blogged for so long, wonder no more: That's why. Cause I was under the waterfall, trying to swim back up to the surface and unable to...

But now I have reached the shore... And my film is done.

And Sunday I get to share it with the whole wide world for the very first time...

Proving once again that Little Faith + Big God = Great results!

THIS Sunday ( November 14th),  I am taking Johnny's hometown (Fillmore, CA) and turning back the clock to 1955 for an entire day...

So come on down and celebrate with me!









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Posted by Mystery Train:

Bags are packed, tomorrow we're flying via London to LAX and then drive to Fillmore! See you on Sunday morning!
Mystery Train
Friday, November 12th 2010 @ 12:58 AM

Posted by Linda:

You are truly inspiring!
Tuesday, December 7th 2010 @ 8:20 AM

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