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Wednesday, April 13th 2011

8:23 AM

I'm back - did you miss me? :)


I'm back but I'm gone .

Really? Yes, really.

So much has happened in the last 4 months where do I begin? No time to eat these days let alone blog, but by God I want to do this. I missed blogging and I missed you guys.

So my film was released November 14th (more on the premiere later) and has since become a worldwide success / cult film. I thought I'd have some time after the release to catch on some rest...

Think again.

Next thing I know I am quiting my dayjob and planning for a national US DEUCE OF SPADES TOUR.

What I had been praying for all along.

Thank you God for allowing me to do this. Be with me in my travels.

I'll bee blogging on and off from teh road, keeping you in the loop and sharing a few photos here and there, as time allows.


DEUCE OF SPADES will be screening on April 22d at Cinemark Theater during the Viva Las Vegas rockabilly extravaganza ... OH YEAH...



Meanwhile, here is a quick blog about the first section of my trip:


LOG: TRIP ONE - Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Driving a 30 feet CLass A MOnaco RV (Monarch) with double slides. (oh yeah X 2)

Left LA on Thursday 04/07, heading to Las Vegas. Had set backs with the car trailer UHAUL rental, causing me to leave later than hoped. Surprisingly not too much traffic on the 210 heading towards Barstow that night despite rush hour traffic.

Stopped in Rancho cucamonga for some food (had not had any all day) and it started raining - it figures - since the car trailer rented was not enclosed - cause U-haul doesn't have any - and my deuce has no top.

Thank you CALIFORMIA CAR COVER for donating a neat car cover for the deuce, it was very effective at repelling water and deuce was kept warm and dry hehehehe.

After dinner, removed car cover, shook rain drops off and  drove off under light sprinkles and some wind up to Barstow, going up the grade was not all that bad, Monarch did really well all considering. But I was not towing, since my friend was driving my truck towing the deuce for this first part of the trip.

This is my first time owning / driving an RV, but luckily I had a little practice with a test local trip I took a few weeks ago. I'm kicking some ass. RV driving is easier than hotrod driving actually..

Except for the SIZE.  

Guess they are right afterall: Size does matter .

 Big rigs no longer worry me though, even when they pass so close to me... I've been real good at given them some "air" by hugging right lane as they pass. I also affixed a marker (a small piece of white tape) to the lower left part of my windshield, at a slight angle. When the left line lines up with the tape on my windshield, it means I am at the perfect distance from left lane - this was helpful at night because I can't see the lane in my mirror anymore. but now all I have to do is watch the marker and I'm good to go!

I was very careful, cruising no faster than 50 to 55 mph, but driving felt good and no issues there, I am comfortable behind the wheel already. We stopped at KOA in Barstow, and arrived to find the office closed and the "24 hours" check in they told me about was acually just a self check kioske with no information what so ever as to what spot I was assigned (I had made reservations)

I was also told their pull thru were 72 feet long.. Maybe in duck feet? LOL

They are not, if these sites are over 50 feet I'll cut my ear out and start painting .

Squeezing RV + truck and trailer was entertaining at 1 AM in the morning and no light, but we did well. Kinda squeezed them in side by side at a slight angle, with my bedroom slide going over the truck cab LOL.

I was grouchy and tired by then but got a good night sleep. Next morning was better, office people at KOA were truly very nice so that made up for the snaffoo.

I filled my propane gas tank up for the first time...

"You'd better get out of the RV and turn off pilot lights etc" said the nice main pumping the gas...

I was like...

Luckily we did NOT blow up in the end LOL - and drove off in one piece LOL.

Well almost... Had to dump, and found myself actually looking forward to (say what???), just so I could try the very sophisticated pricey sewer hose I had bought a few weeks earlier. Said to be "leak free" and "easy to affix" Thetford really needs to re-assess both those statements LOL.

So there we are trying to affix the hose using the little handles that snap down (no bayonette)... And it seems like we got it right. I pull the handle...


Retreat! Retreat! Every man for himself, RUN RUN! Save yourselves...

We were too fascinated by the stream of black water coming out from both sides of the hose to even move. Or perhaps it was the fumes that got us, but our feet did not move an inch.

ME: " *$##@@^%! Leak free my #@@* !!"

A phone call later I was unleashing my wrath on the dealer that sold me the system. It snapped on real easy at his store, his display was perfect. My hose however coud not be attached properly no matter what we tried, and Robert is a machinist and high performance engine specialits - hardly an idiot.

Seems the only idiot here was... me.. For buying the hose. LOL

I was promised a refund, but meanwhile that still leaves me with no sewer hose.  More shopping to do in Las Vegas I guess.

After washing my hands about 45456465436539569 times, we drove off and stopped at Peggy Sue's Diner and took a few pics of the deuce there. Cute little joint, more 50's memorabilia there than you can imagine!! Plus, nothing like a leaking sewer hose to stimulate your appetite LOL.

A juicy mushrooom and cheese burger later, we drive off.

Arrived in vegas around 7PM and have been parked in front of a very plush house belonging to some fans of mine ever since. They have been the most gracious hosts. I feel very spoiled. No hookups, but we have power so that's really great! Plus Bob has internet access hehehehehe. Our gracious host also gave me the remote to one of his garages, and my deuce is now snoozing next to his dragster... Probably sharing race and oak tree stories ...

I'll be here for the next 10 days or so, attending two events to promote my film:

NAB: the biggest convention for filmmakers and broadcasters... More on this in my next blog...

VIVA LAS VEGAS: Screening of the film on the 22nd and the next day (23rd), celebrity apperances of Timothy Luke and Kyle Clifford and of course the DEUCE, we will all be there to sign DVDs and meet the fans. Look for the blac DOS booth and come say Hi!!! 

So there you have it, reporting live from the trenches,

Your favorite trouble maker


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