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Saturday, April 16th 2011

1:42 PM

A very exciting moment for me

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As I sit here inside the projection main room of Century theater in Las Vegas, gazing at all the super sophisticated machinery that fires up all 18 theaters available at this location, I cannot help but feel a sense of awe.

This is as high up as my film has been to date.

To walk into this gorgeous theater, see all the major studio releases playing there, and know that my film will be seen on Friday the 22nd, on the big screen, with full surround sound system, and high res image at same theater, fills me with pride.

This is the PRO level and I'm here. For those of you who followed this journey since the beginning you know what I mean when I say: This is mind boggling. What a great adventure it has been!

I handed the manager a DCP drive (weighing about 2 tons LOL), which is basically a large Unix drive containing a professional format of my film. Same format all the big studios use. The film footage was then ingested into the main frame computer of the theater...

Took a little over two hours... We then inserted the KDM (key) to unlock the footage...

In about 5 minutes we are going to fire up the film to make sure everything looks as stunning as it should !

I did test screen the DCP master at Fotokem last week and I was SOOOO excited when I saw the quality of the image and heard the quality of the sound that I was litterally jumping up and down (wish I was kidding) and clapping. Good thing I had the theater all to myself that night LOL...

I hope the DCP looks just as good here at Century theater today.

This is how a motion picture is intended to be seen. Bigger than life.

I am excited and grateful once again to God for having taken me this far. And to all the friends and fans who helped along the way. Special thanks to Robert Anson for assisting me during this Las Vegas trip, to Bob and Kenny for all the hard work they put into lining everything up with the theater and to Tom Ingram for presenting the Premiere during his VIVA LAS VEGAS rockabilly fest.

I cannot wait!

Below, my laptop from which I am typing this and in the background, the digital projector that will be screening the film Friday.


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