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Sunday, April 17th 2011

4:27 AM

Queen Faith :)

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Step aside queen Elisabeth, there's a new queen in town and her name is "Queen Faith" hehehehehe...

Well at least that's how I felt, like a "Queen" when I attended the NAB convention on behalf of SONY.

WOW! On the first day I went to pick up my badge at the Hard Rock Hotel. SONY had pretty much taken over the entire place, or at least so it seemed. There were SONY decals on the front doors, SONY boards everywhere in the hallways, SONY employees walking around ... Everywhere... Seemed everyone had a SONY tag hanging around their necks...

Everyone but me.

We fixed that problem real quick though and a few moments later I was exiting the HRH with my badge and had instantly become "one of them"... Well... Sort of.  

Next stop: the convention center where the National Association of Broadcaster convention (NAB) was to take place for the next 3 days.

SONY had commandeered shuttles to go back and forth to and from HRH - convention center every 15 minutes! Just for us SONY team hehehehe. Queen Faith sat on her shuttle throne and even got to make a call to her mother in France.

"Hey mom, guess where I am and what I am doing?"

A few minutes later I was entering the sanctuary... The promised land...  As far as my eyes could see, filming gear... ALL THE FILMING I WOULD EVER NEED TO MAKE 56473653976534650 MOVIES...

Drool was dripping from both corners of my mouth as I made my Christmas list:

"OK Santa: I want one of these cranes, this jib, this steady cam system, this camera, this monitor, this enrtire lighting system, this GO pro camera to mount on the deuce, this..."

Santa I am going to be a GOOOOOOOoooooOOOOOOD girl this year - I promise!!"

The convention center was not yet opened to the public. I got to see the SONY team in action, as they were putting together the AMAZING Sony pavillion, which was, I believe, by far the largest and most impressive display there. I had a sense of pride and excitement and was walking around with a smile that went from ear to ear...

A few people stared at me, they were probably thinking: "Who's that retard?"... I must have looked "weird", cause I don't think anyone else there had a smile that big on their faces, nor for that long.

Day two I was a bit nervous as I boarded the SONY shuttle... Today I not only had to do my first presentation but I also was informed by my contact Steve, a few seconds earlier, that I was to "do a 3 minute speach" for the SONY vegas users reception THAT VERY NIGHT. Hey thanks for the advanced notice Steve LOL ! .

Sum up four years of what will remain the most incredible adventure of my lifetime - to date - in THREE minutes?


Presentation went superbly well and it was a real pleasure sharing with the audience stories from the trenches, how I made the film, why I made the film and some of my editing tips. I had lots of compliments during the next 3 days about my presentations. Many aspiring filmmakers were inspired by my story and walked up to me to thank me for sharing it.

MONDAY NIGHT - Sony reception. I am thanking my years as a professional radio broadcasters because I should be dying of stage fright right now but I'm not. I haven't written my little speach down either.

No need to.

I know exactely what I am going to say: THE TRUTH. How I became a full fledge, full time filmmaker because of a 1932 Ford Roadster. Blame it all on the car, and all glory and power to it! The car and to be perfectly honest, Sony Vegas, which was the revelation I needed, back then, when I made my little docu Last of the Hiboy Girls: "Editing at home is POSSIBLE, FUN and EASY - so why not make a feature film then?" - NO, I'm not kidding this is REALLY what happened back then.

Earlier I had seen the SONY pavillion moto, written in large letters above the entryway:


If that doesn't sum up my story, I don't know what does.

So that night I was one of 3 users to be honored at the reception and my teaser was played on the huge screen and then I was escorted by two show girls (that seemed to measure no less than 8 feet - feathers not included" onto the stage. They walked me right up to the mic, but when I turned around they had vanished, leaving all alone up there, to face the huge crowd. Rats!

Mamma! I want my maamaaaaa!

Nah. I was fine. I shared my story in three minutes and it was met with a HUUUUGE applaud from the crowd.

Then Queen Faith exited the stage LOL and got to breathe a little easier. Sheesh... That was a bit nerve wrecking, but FUN.

Many more people came to talk to me after that to congratulate me on my success story and told me it had encouraged them to forge ahead wirth their own projets.


For the next 2 days I ran around the convention center, doing presentations, hanging out with the SONY CREATIVE SOFTWARE team... Everyone was super nice to me, and it was truly a pleasure (and honor) to be part of the team, I aboslutely loved everyone I met.

The event ended with a pool side dinner and considering the amount of hard work - and no play what so ever - I had been putting in for the past years, that dinner felt like HEAVEN to me. Dang I needed that.

As I laid in bed that last night, I reflected on the event and most importantly, on the path life had taken me on... And how surreal it all still feels. To not have to get up everyday to go to a day job, to be able to travel in an RV across the country (hopefully LOL) and to be here in Vegas, at NAB and have become a respected filmmaker???

I had soon started to ponder all these things that I feel asleep.

Yeah, even queens need sleep. 


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