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Sunday, July 21st 2013

5:01 AM


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Every other day, a new TRIVIA fact is posted. Take a behind the scenes peek at the making of the Award winning cult film.

Each post features a screengrab or behind the scene photo.

Every other week, a TRIVIA quiz to test your DEUCE OF SPADES TRIVIA knowledge.

Anyone can participate and anyone can WIN!

Every quarter one final contest will determine our TOP ELIMINATOR. Win the El Biggo of our prizes, enter our DEUCE OF SPADES FAN HALL OF FAME.

There's never been a better time to LIKE our fan page!

So what are you waiting for?



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Saturday, December 31st 2011

11:49 PM





Last April, I embarqued on yet another exciting adventure. A woman and her old Deuce go on an eight month long road trip, touring the country to promote the film.

Every day a different town, every day a new adventure and everyday a new post and photo.

The Facebook blogging is short and sweet, fun to read and features many candid shots from the road and behind the scenes. You can comment and interact with me and other fans... And yes, I have been very good at reading all my comments and replying.

So please join me on the DEUCE OF SPADES Facebook fan page and help me gain momentum by inviting all your friends, too.

Let the adventure begin!


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Saturday, December 31st 2011

11:24 AM

DEUCE OF SPADES - welcome to my filmmaker's blog!

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Make a two hour full feature period drama bringing back to life the 50's hotrod era, entirely by myself and on a no budget, having never been to film school and never made a film before.

One daring renaissance woman and her camera.

Accept no funds from investors - Never sell out - Never consider short cuts - No matter how hard it gets.

Retain complete artistic and cinematographic freedom. Remain true to my vision.

Make a film that is pure Labor of Love.

Complete it in four years OR DIE TRYING.

This is guerilla indie filmmaking at its best, and purest.



This is my blog, where I say it like it is. This is what it took to get here.

Enjoy! And please tell others about DEUCE OF SPADES. 


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Friday, April 29th 2011

5:54 AM


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I look into my side mirrors and the string of cars piled up behind my big RV butt is no less than 2 miles long.

"Oh yeah... They HATE me..."

The 93 that connects LAs Vegas to Phoenix is not what I had expected. As a novice RV driver, I am in way over my head and sweating bullets...

It all started beautifully and day one was smooth sailing, with cruise control all the way... We stopped in Kingman at KOA and turns out the manager LOOOOVES hot rods and soon as he saw the deuce, perched on it's crappy U-Haul rental trailer, it was love at first sight. Deuce got the royal treatment, and they gave it it's own pull thru site  - compliment of the chef - LOL. Meanwhile I outdid myself that night when, completely exhausted, I fell asleep in bed with my cup of coffe still in my hand. Woke up later (a long time later), still dressed, lights on and the coffee had spilled all over the bed...

 - If only I was kidding... Sigh...

I REALLLLLLLLY need some heavy duty rest.

But wait. I LIED when I said day one of travel was smooth sailing - IT WAS NOT.

The morning of departure I found I had a nail in my truck tire. Bob and I had to zip to the tire store and get that fixed. Then I had to pick up my second U-haul trailer, the one that would carry the deuce from Las Vegas to Phoenix - hopefully in one piece... I am going to Phoenix because the WELLS CARGO factory is there and for the past 2 months or so, they have been building a custom enclosed trailer for the deuce. And I got to go pick it up.

My new tour assistant Terry is pulling the deuce while I am driving the RV. Well, I decided to stop at Camping world to buy some supplies and THANK GOD I did. I step out of the RV and the stench of brakes just about KILLED ME.

 "Whats that smell? Is it from US????"

Terry's like: "no, I don't think so..."

One glance at the rental trailer and there is smoke coming out of BOTH sides.

Oh it's from us all right!

 #^%%@&&## !!!

GREAT. So now we are stranded in Camping World parking lot, waiting for the road side assistance truck. A woman knows how to use down time wisely so I went SHOPPING hehehehehe. No, no, not designer clothes or anything like that. It was more in the lines of: Biodegradable toilet paper LOL - what can I say I have good tastes.

 Road side assistance truck pulls in - Looks like the trailer brakes locked (no.. Really???) and the guy is still trying to figure this out. I am torn between taking a chance and keeping the same trailer OR losing 2 hours replacing it and reloading the deuce - which was quite the ordeal - decisions decisions... 

"I really don't think you'll have any more problems with it" says the nice man...

I want to believe him, especially since it is now already noon and we are 2 hours behind schedule.

So I took a leap of Faith... Surprisingly it seemed the trailer was in deed back to normal after that and we did make it all the way to Kingman OK.

"They definitely HAAAAATE me!"

I am now struggling because route 93 has mutated from a nice straight 2 lane road to a windy one lane road that is kicking my ass:

High Winds are pushing my RV left and right, and I am having a hard time staying centered in my lane. but that is only part of the problem: the road is narrow, winding, with drops  here and there (and zero rails) and big rigs are coming at me in the opposite lane, missing my RV by a mere 2 feet every time - if that...

And if you htink that is not bad enough, add to the equation: ROAD WORK... Those guys have narrowed the bridges down with cement blocks, and when I get to the first spot I look at this and go:


Oh boy... Oh boy... Easy now... I expect to hear - any time now - the horrible sound of metal being crushed by cement blocks... For sure I am going to lose both my RV side panels on this road...

But to my surprise I make it through, unharmed... And do it again... And again... At each bridge...

"They HAAAAAAAAAAAATE me!!" - behind me the cars are piling up, everyone is stuck going 45 miles an hour because of... me.

Oh well, they can kiss my big white RV ass cause I am not going to kill myself and crash my Monarch to make them happy. I guess they'll have to deal with it.

Finally an exit. I zip off that damned road and stop. I need to stretch and relax for a moment. I step out of the RV...

"WHAT'S THAT SMELL????????????????"

Yop, you've guessed it. Smoke is coming out of the trailer left side AGAIN.

Oh brother!

Terry and I look at each other: "Well, I guess we'll have to wait and let the brakes cool down and then let's plan to stop every chance we get to check on the trailer brakes status"

So we did. Every exit we found, we pulled over and checked the brakes. It seemed they returned back to "normal" though after that, maybe because we picked up some speed cause the road went back to a normal 2 lane road - THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

With all this crap we had to deal with, it took us no less than 9 hours to make it to Phoenix. More road work on Grand avenue that seemed to last for no less than 30 minutes. 30 minutes worth of driving this huge class A RV between two very narrow lines of cones that seemed to never END.

I am now TIRED and GROUCHY.

(Note to self: tonight let us not try to drink a cup of coffee in bed).

Never been to Phoenix but I hate it already LOL.

To escape the road work I decided to make a last second right turn and got a bit lost but then hopped on a freeway and then on another one and decided to arbitrarily exit and ended up by a very strange coincidence, only 3 blocks away from the WELLS CARGO factory, where my Deuce trailer is being built.

Wow! That was weird (and pretty awesome)

We pull up at a large gas station and I google "RV parks" only to find that there are none near and I am wayyy too tired to drive another 30 minutes. And thats' when is dunded on me that we were actually not at a gas station but rather at a TRUCK STOP!

So last night I had my first ever truck stop experience - Faith the rivetter LOL did OK, and the big rigs pulling in and out all night long didn't not phase me a bit: I AM DEAF hehehehe and on occasions this comes in very handy.

So here we are, at the dawn of a new day, and today I get to see my Deuce trailer for the first time. Let's hope to God they didn't screw things up and it is exactely what I had ordered..

Photos coming soon... But more sleep must come first

Talk to you all tomorrow!

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Tuesday, April 26th 2011

5:44 AM

My tour Angels Bob and Betty-Ann

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One of the most amazing part of DEUCE OF SPADES are the DEUCE OF SPADES fans.

As I embark on this 8 months long journey, some of my fans have volunteered to become "DEUCE OF SPADES TOUR ANGELS"

In Las Vegas, my tour Angels were Bob and Betty Ann Golden.

You have never met anyone nicer than those two and I have met a lot of nice people in my life! They welcomed us into their home, providing a place for the RV to be parked, providing a warm garage for the deuce to be parked, providing us with meals, support, advice, help, any and all things we needed.

Truly we felt part of their family and I found myself really missing them after I left a couple days ago.

Bettie Ann and her friend Tammy volunteered to run the booth during the screening and the show and they did a superb job! Meanwhile, Bob was running around with me assisting me in the QC check, helping with the Deuce, connecting me with some of his wonderful friends in Vegas and beyond...

I am truly blessed to have such people in my life. And it's all thanks to the Deuce.

I wil be posting photos shortly, but for now suffice to say this:

WE LOVE YOU BOB AND BETTY ANN! Thank you for welcoming us and making us feel like family.



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Sunday, April 24th 2011

5:24 AM


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APRIL 22d.

The audience has landed at the CENTURY theater and for the past hour a steady stream of people have lined up, presented their advanced event tickets and walked into auditorium # 11 - and the theater is now FULL.

After a brief introduction of my film, I joined them and got to sit back, relax and enjoy a great flick.

MY FLICK ???? right here on this huuuge screen with top of the line sound system???


OH boy I gotta tell you, once you've seen it like this, in all it's glory, as God intended, there is no going back. the big screen is where it's at.

What a great experience and even greater feeling!

I joined in with the audience, laughing at the funny parts, crying as always at the climax scene... And basically was just a spectator that day.

Got to do some Q&A with the audience after the film was over and then rushed to the hallway to join my team of volunteers (more about that in my next post) to sign DVDs. Tinothy Luke (JOHNNY CALLAWAY) and Art Clifford (ART DELANEY) were both at the screening and it was a real treat for the fans to meet them up close and personal. People snapped photos and at some point I had a darn long line in front of my little table, waiting to get their DVD signed.

I really love the fans. You guys is what keeps us going. Just to see the smile on your faces, hear you share your love and excitement for this film, is by far the most rewarding part of this adventure.

I was pretty beat and STARVED by the time I got home. Our little team went to din din but I think I fell asleep in my mashed potatoes ...

Next day I had to be up at 5AM to get to the car show at 7 and be all set-up by 9AM.


This filmmaker is in bad need of some rest, but today ain't gonna be that day.

Fortunately, we all had a blast at the show. Fans were awesome, and hailed from every corner of the world. I met some hard core French fans, Swedish fans, Spanish fans, Germand fans.. Even some Japanese fans! Word of mouth travels fast and apparently it also travels FAR...

5704573845775000 autographs later, it was time to pack up and go home. The deuce got a lot of attention that day, smiling for photos, and it was tired, too. It was happy to retire inside it's garage (more on this in my next blog) and go to sleep...

Below: Signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans

Sweet dreams my love! More adventures await us Wednesday! So get your beauty sleep and I think I'm gonna do the same.

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Sunday, April 17th 2011

4:27 AM

Queen Faith :)

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Step aside queen Elisabeth, there's a new queen in town and her name is "Queen Faith" hehehehehe...

Well at least that's how I felt, like a "Queen" when I attended the NAB convention on behalf of SONY.

WOW! On the first day I went to pick up my badge at the Hard Rock Hotel. SONY had pretty much taken over the entire place, or at least so it seemed. There were SONY decals on the front doors, SONY boards everywhere in the hallways, SONY employees walking around ... Everywhere... Seemed everyone had a SONY tag hanging around their necks...

Everyone but me.

We fixed that problem real quick though and a few moments later I was exiting the HRH with my badge and had instantly become "one of them"... Well... Sort of.  

Next stop: the convention center where the National Association of Broadcaster convention (NAB) was to take place for the next 3 days.

SONY had commandeered shuttles to go back and forth to and from HRH - convention center every 15 minutes! Just for us SONY team hehehehe. Queen Faith sat on her shuttle throne and even got to make a call to her mother in France.

"Hey mom, guess where I am and what I am doing?"

A few minutes later I was entering the sanctuary... The promised land...  As far as my eyes could see, filming gear... ALL THE FILMING I WOULD EVER NEED TO MAKE 56473653976534650 MOVIES...

Drool was dripping from both corners of my mouth as I made my Christmas list:

"OK Santa: I want one of these cranes, this jib, this steady cam system, this camera, this monitor, this enrtire lighting system, this GO pro camera to mount on the deuce, this..."

Santa I am going to be a GOOOOOOOoooooOOOOOOD girl this year - I promise!!"

The convention center was not yet opened to the public. I got to see the SONY team in action, as they were putting together the AMAZING Sony pavillion, which was, I believe, by far the largest and most impressive display there. I had a sense of pride and excitement and was walking around with a smile that went from ear to ear...

A few people stared at me, they were probably thinking: "Who's that retard?"... I must have looked "weird", cause I don't think anyone else there had a smile that big on their faces, nor for that long.

Day two I was a bit nervous as I boarded the SONY shuttle... Today I not only had to do my first presentation but I also was informed by my contact Steve, a few seconds earlier, that I was to "do a 3 minute speach" for the SONY vegas users reception THAT VERY NIGHT. Hey thanks for the advanced notice Steve LOL ! .

Sum up four years of what will remain the most incredible adventure of my lifetime - to date - in THREE minutes?


Presentation went superbly well and it was a real pleasure sharing with the audience stories from the trenches, how I made the film, why I made the film and some of my editing tips. I had lots of compliments during the next 3 days about my presentations. Many aspiring filmmakers were inspired by my story and walked up to me to thank me for sharing it.

MONDAY NIGHT - Sony reception. I am thanking my years as a professional radio broadcasters because I should be dying of stage fright right now but I'm not. I haven't written my little speach down either.

No need to.

I know exactely what I am going to say: THE TRUTH. How I became a full fledge, full time filmmaker because of a 1932 Ford Roadster. Blame it all on the car, and all glory and power to it! The car and to be perfectly honest, Sony Vegas, which was the revelation I needed, back then, when I made my little docu Last of the Hiboy Girls: "Editing at home is POSSIBLE, FUN and EASY - so why not make a feature film then?" - NO, I'm not kidding this is REALLY what happened back then.

Earlier I had seen the SONY pavillion moto, written in large letters above the entryway:


If that doesn't sum up my story, I don't know what does.

So that night I was one of 3 users to be honored at the reception and my teaser was played on the huge screen and then I was escorted by two show girls (that seemed to measure no less than 8 feet - feathers not included" onto the stage. They walked me right up to the mic, but when I turned around they had vanished, leaving all alone up there, to face the huge crowd. Rats!

Mamma! I want my maamaaaaa!

Nah. I was fine. I shared my story in three minutes and it was met with a HUUUUGE applaud from the crowd.

Then Queen Faith exited the stage LOL and got to breathe a little easier. Sheesh... That was a bit nerve wrecking, but FUN.

Many more people came to talk to me after that to congratulate me on my success story and told me it had encouraged them to forge ahead wirth their own projets.


For the next 2 days I ran around the convention center, doing presentations, hanging out with the SONY CREATIVE SOFTWARE team... Everyone was super nice to me, and it was truly a pleasure (and honor) to be part of the team, I aboslutely loved everyone I met.

The event ended with a pool side dinner and considering the amount of hard work - and no play what so ever - I had been putting in for the past years, that dinner felt like HEAVEN to me. Dang I needed that.

As I laid in bed that last night, I reflected on the event and most importantly, on the path life had taken me on... And how surreal it all still feels. To not have to get up everyday to go to a day job, to be able to travel in an RV across the country (hopefully LOL) and to be here in Vegas, at NAB and have become a respected filmmaker???

I had soon started to ponder all these things that I feel asleep.

Yeah, even queens need sleep. 


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Saturday, April 16th 2011

1:42 PM

A very exciting moment for me

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As I sit here inside the projection main room of Century theater in Las Vegas, gazing at all the super sophisticated machinery that fires up all 18 theaters available at this location, I cannot help but feel a sense of awe.

This is as high up as my film has been to date.

To walk into this gorgeous theater, see all the major studio releases playing there, and know that my film will be seen on Friday the 22nd, on the big screen, with full surround sound system, and high res image at same theater, fills me with pride.

This is the PRO level and I'm here. For those of you who followed this journey since the beginning you know what I mean when I say: This is mind boggling. What a great adventure it has been!

I handed the manager a DCP drive (weighing about 2 tons LOL), which is basically a large Unix drive containing a professional format of my film. Same format all the big studios use. The film footage was then ingested into the main frame computer of the theater...

Took a little over two hours... We then inserted the KDM (key) to unlock the footage...

In about 5 minutes we are going to fire up the film to make sure everything looks as stunning as it should !

I did test screen the DCP master at Fotokem last week and I was SOOOO excited when I saw the quality of the image and heard the quality of the sound that I was litterally jumping up and down (wish I was kidding) and clapping. Good thing I had the theater all to myself that night LOL...

I hope the DCP looks just as good here at Century theater today.

This is how a motion picture is intended to be seen. Bigger than life.

I am excited and grateful once again to God for having taken me this far. And to all the friends and fans who helped along the way. Special thanks to Robert Anson for assisting me during this Las Vegas trip, to Bob and Kenny for all the hard work they put into lining everything up with the theater and to Tom Ingram for presenting the Premiere during his VIVA LAS VEGAS rockabilly fest.

I cannot wait!

Below, my laptop from which I am typing this and in the background, the digital projector that will be screening the film Friday.


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Wednesday, April 13th 2011

8:23 AM

I'm back - did you miss me? :)


I'm back but I'm gone .

Really? Yes, really.

So much has happened in the last 4 months where do I begin? No time to eat these days let alone blog, but by God I want to do this. I missed blogging and I missed you guys.

So my film was released November 14th (more on the premiere later) and has since become a worldwide success / cult film. I thought I'd have some time after the release to catch on some rest...

Think again.

Next thing I know I am quiting my dayjob and planning for a national US DEUCE OF SPADES TOUR.

What I had been praying for all along.

Thank you God for allowing me to do this. Be with me in my travels.

I'll bee blogging on and off from teh road, keeping you in the loop and sharing a few photos here and there, as time allows.


DEUCE OF SPADES will be screening on April 22d at Cinemark Theater during the Viva Las Vegas rockabilly extravaganza ... OH YEAH...



Meanwhile, here is a quick blog about the first section of my trip:


LOG: TRIP ONE - Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Driving a 30 feet CLass A MOnaco RV (Monarch) with double slides. (oh yeah X 2)

Left LA on Thursday 04/07, heading to Las Vegas. Had set backs with the car trailer UHAUL rental, causing me to leave later than hoped. Surprisingly not too much traffic on the 210 heading towards Barstow that night despite rush hour traffic.

Stopped in Rancho cucamonga for some food (had not had any all day) and it started raining - it figures - since the car trailer rented was not enclosed - cause U-haul doesn't have any - and my deuce has no top.

Thank you CALIFORMIA CAR COVER for donating a neat car cover for the deuce, it was very effective at repelling water and deuce was kept warm and dry hehehehe.

After dinner, removed car cover, shook rain drops off and  drove off under light sprinkles and some wind up to Barstow, going up the grade was not all that bad, Monarch did really well all considering. But I was not towing, since my friend was driving my truck towing the deuce for this first part of the trip.

This is my first time owning / driving an RV, but luckily I had a little practice with a test local trip I took a few weeks ago. I'm kicking some ass. RV driving is easier than hotrod driving actually..

Except for the SIZE.  

Guess they are right afterall: Size does matter .

 Big rigs no longer worry me though, even when they pass so close to me... I've been real good at given them some "air" by hugging right lane as they pass. I also affixed a marker (a small piece of white tape) to the lower left part of my windshield, at a slight angle. When the left line lines up with the tape on my windshield, it means I am at the perfect distance from left lane - this was helpful at night because I can't see the lane in my mirror anymore. but now all I have to do is watch the marker and I'm good to go!

I was very careful, cruising no faster than 50 to 55 mph, but driving felt good and no issues there, I am comfortable behind the wheel already. We stopped at KOA in Barstow, and arrived to find the office closed and the "24 hours" check in they told me about was acually just a self check kioske with no information what so ever as to what spot I was assigned (I had made reservations)

I was also told their pull thru were 72 feet long.. Maybe in duck feet? LOL

They are not, if these sites are over 50 feet I'll cut my ear out and start painting .

Squeezing RV + truck and trailer was entertaining at 1 AM in the morning and no light, but we did well. Kinda squeezed them in side by side at a slight angle, with my bedroom slide going over the truck cab LOL.

I was grouchy and tired by then but got a good night sleep. Next morning was better, office people at KOA were truly very nice so that made up for the snaffoo.

I filled my propane gas tank up for the first time...

"You'd better get out of the RV and turn off pilot lights etc" said the nice main pumping the gas...

I was like...

Luckily we did NOT blow up in the end LOL - and drove off in one piece LOL.

Well almost... Had to dump, and found myself actually looking forward to (say what???), just so I could try the very sophisticated pricey sewer hose I had bought a few weeks earlier. Said to be "leak free" and "easy to affix" Thetford really needs to re-assess both those statements LOL.

So there we are trying to affix the hose using the little handles that snap down (no bayonette)... And it seems like we got it right. I pull the handle...


Retreat! Retreat! Every man for himself, RUN RUN! Save yourselves...

We were too fascinated by the stream of black water coming out from both sides of the hose to even move. Or perhaps it was the fumes that got us, but our feet did not move an inch.

ME: " *$##@@^%! Leak free my #@@* !!"

A phone call later I was unleashing my wrath on the dealer that sold me the system. It snapped on real easy at his store, his display was perfect. My hose however coud not be attached properly no matter what we tried, and Robert is a machinist and high performance engine specialits - hardly an idiot.

Seems the only idiot here was... me.. For buying the hose. LOL

I was promised a refund, but meanwhile that still leaves me with no sewer hose.  More shopping to do in Las Vegas I guess.

After washing my hands about 45456465436539569 times, we drove off and stopped at Peggy Sue's Diner and took a few pics of the deuce there. Cute little joint, more 50's memorabilia there than you can imagine!! Plus, nothing like a leaking sewer hose to stimulate your appetite LOL.

A juicy mushrooom and cheese burger later, we drive off.

Arrived in vegas around 7PM and have been parked in front of a very plush house belonging to some fans of mine ever since. They have been the most gracious hosts. I feel very spoiled. No hookups, but we have power so that's really great! Plus Bob has internet access hehehehehe. Our gracious host also gave me the remote to one of his garages, and my deuce is now snoozing next to his dragster... Probably sharing race and oak tree stories ...

I'll be here for the next 10 days or so, attending two events to promote my film:

NAB: the biggest convention for filmmakers and broadcasters... More on this in my next blog...

VIVA LAS VEGAS: Screening of the film on the 22nd and the next day (23rd), celebrity apperances of Timothy Luke and Kyle Clifford and of course the DEUCE, we will all be there to sign DVDs and meet the fans. Look for the blac DOS booth and come say Hi!!! 

So there you have it, reporting live from the trenches,

Your favorite trouble maker


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Saturday, December 25th 2010

7:58 AM


My queensland heeler KAYA, who can be briefly seen in the film (guess where?)
and myself would like to wish all of you A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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Thursday, November 11th 2010

8:24 AM

IT...... IS ......... D - O - N - E !!!!! Oh my God Film release in 3 days!!!

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Well kids,

I know you have missed me over the past few months and God knows I have missed you too. Heck I have missed ME !

Once upon a time there was a girl, laying down on a picnic blanquet next to a peaceful, warm, body of water... The corner of her eye caught a reflection on the water... Something was floating there, in the middle of the pond? It was an idea.. A beautiful idea, but no one seemed to want to venture out into the water to go get it.  Since no one else seemed to claim the lost idea, the girl got up, grabbed her little inflatable picnic mat, tossed it in the water and began to paddle.

People started to gather on the shore to look at her attempt to catch up with the idea... Which now was slowly drifting away..

The idea was pretty in deed, and all the people there were smiling, hoping the girl could grab it and bring it back to the shore... So they could all take a closer look at it...

Well our girl paddled for a long while and just as she finally caught up with the idea and got a firm hold on it, she realized that the pond had turned into a river, and that the slight current was now carrying her West... The girl, idea in hand, was no longer able to paddle back to her peaceful little picnic spot and started dirfting down the stream...

Oh - Oh...

The river current grew stronger and stronger and it soon became painfully obvious that there was NO turning back... There was only one way to go: Down the rapids...

Sink or swim little girl... Sink or swim.

The girl could have let go of the idea and tried to swim ashore but something in her said: DON'T LET GO, NEVER GIVE UP NEVER SURRENDER... And of course the little voice also said: " It might get scary, it might get deadly, but in the end "You'll be just fine" .

So the girl clinged to her frail flotation device with one hand, clutching the idea with the other, closed her eyes and down the rapids she went...


By now people were lined up on both sides of the river, cherring as she passed... A few of them said: "Pssssht, she'll never make it, she's gonna drawn and end of story" but the others were hopeful.

At some point some river rafting pros  heard of her strange story, so they gathered by the river and managed to throw her a bigger raft as she came down the rapids. Which was a good thing, cause the little floatation device she was using was about to give up the ghost...

Sheeesh! That was close!

Now she had arrived almost to the bottom of the mountain... And thought she was out of harms way.. And that's when she heard it...


The girl wasn't sure whether she should hang on to the raft or to the idea...In the end, I think she simply hung on to dear life and plunged a good 500 feet down the fall...

All the media were now there, telling tales of her odysee, and even... French National Television??

"Hi Mom!"' Said the girl as her raft went over the edge...  X 35454566720000000

And she disappeared into the water, swallowed whole by the fall...

People ashore held their breath... Would she resurface, idea in hand, victorious... OR>>>

Meanwhile under the water, the girl was struggling to swim up to the surface. She kept trying but the current was pulling her back under... She was running out of breath... But still clinging to her idea damnit!

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the river released the girl and let her go... And she made it safely back up to the surface, holding up the idea with both hands, and with great excitement and relief she cried out:

" I DID IT!!!" "IT IS DONE!!"

 X 35454566720000000

So, if you have been wondering why I have not blogged for so long, wonder no more: That's why. Cause I was under the waterfall, trying to swim back up to the surface and unable to...

But now I have reached the shore... And my film is done.

And Sunday I get to share it with the whole wide world for the very first time...

Proving once again that Little Faith + Big God = Great results!

THIS Sunday ( November 14th),  I am taking Johnny's hometown (Fillmore, CA) and turning back the clock to 1955 for an entire day...

So come on down and celebrate with me!









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Monday, July 26th 2010

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Well guys, it's official. You are looking at the brand new Poster Child for SONY VEGAS .

Word about my film went all the way up the ladder to the powers to be at Sony and they were impressed with DEUCE OF SPADES and with the way I had used their software VEGAS Pro and ACID Pro to edit and score the film.

They considered me to be a success story.

AND SO THEY SPONSORED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

This is truly a great honor. Especially for self taught, first time filmmaker like me, who never went to filmschool and is not a "trained" editor (but can dance my way around many of them anyway hehehehe)... I graduated from the battlefield, the school of hard knocks. Having a sponsorship from such a big corporation is truly prestigious, so I am very happy.




Remember a few blogs ago how freakin' frustrated I was with my recording studio and Cubase and how it was NOT working with East West... And I was about to jump off a bridge and GIVE UP? That's when it hit me. Why not look into ACID? ACID is to music what VEGAS is to film, and after looking at their online demo, I was excited: All the menus in ACID are identical to VEGAS. Surely it would take me no time to warm up to this new platform.

Surely it didn't

Within 3 days I was like a fish in water, and able to be creative again. And so it was that my hitting a wall with Cubase would turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

SONY CREATIVE SOFTWARE is now sponsoring me as a filmmaker and editor and will be providing me with a rather expensive projector to screen my film at future misc venues, such as car shows, museums, car clubs, community houses and anywhere else I darn please. The Sony projector is capable of projecting an image up to 600 inches diagonal, which means pretty much most smaller theaters. And with 7000 lumens and dual lamps, I'm gonna be stylin' .

Needless to say there is no way in hell I would have ever been able to afford to buy such device and that their help is HEAVEN SENT, giving me the freedom I so cherish and the independence I crave.

Giving me the TOOL I NEED to share DEUCE OF SPADES with the audience, no matter where I am.

And so it is that my EL MIRAGE screening under the stars is now made possible.

Another DEUCE OF SPADES miracle?

Ya betcha baby.

Thank you God ...

And thank you Sony Creative  Software.


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Tuesday, July 20th 2010

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Life is short.

We dance on this great stage for a mere moment and the moment is gone. Ask yourself: What is my life about? What is the purpose, the goal? What mark will I leave? If any at all...

I have been asked that question many times by many people: What are your goals in life?

Some might reply: To become rich. Others will say: To be famous. While others will say:  I want to buy a resort in Costa Rica and retire by the time I am 45.

I have no such goals. My future is floating out there, in the great unknown. I trust God will lead my path where He wants it to go. And that is good enough for me.

But if there is one thing I know, is that my goal in life is to INSPIRE.

So when I get emails from people who say: "You've inspired me to finally sit down and write that book I have been talking about writing for the past 8 years" or even "After seeing your teaser, I went in my garage and finally got the motivation to finish building my roadster. I just took it for it's first spin"

Or even: "It's snowing here but after watching your teaser, I put the wheels back on my model A hotrod, got it off the jacks and just HAD TO DRIVE IT. Snow or not, I was in heaven".

Others have emailed: "You have inspired me to finally go into production with my film. I didn't think it could be done, you know, making a film by yourself without financial backing. But after reading yor story I decided that I too, will take the leap of faith. I am going to dedicate my film to you"

 (yop, he said that).

Today I got this very very cute email from a fan in Northern Europe. I thought I'd share it with you. Which goes to show that inpiration comes in many shapes, and one of them is.......


Check it out (it's way cool)

"Hi Faith,
I just recently saw the trailers of your movie Deuce Of Spades. And can't wait to see the whole movie.
It inspired me to build a hot rod out of Lego; http://www.flickr.com/photos/_zenn/4811826883/
Best Regards,
Silvain Peeters
The Netherlands"



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Saturday, July 17th 2010

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People are insane. I am not even done with this film and they are already asking me what my next project is going to be . Makes me want to SLAP them

Are you kidding??? Let me see if I survive this one first, OK, THEN we can talk about another film, one day... Maybe...

But if you REALLLLY have to know now, then here's my next film: "Faith In Filmland".

Why, you ask?

Cause I fell through the filmmaking rabbit hole. And landed in this mystical, fairly tail like world.

This really hit me yesterday, as I visited this top notch facility in Burbank that handles the post production, transfer and restoration of films for ALL THE MAJOR STUDIOS.

The story starts with me, and my little back pack, entering the building. I had to sign in, get fingerprinted, deep cavity search (that was the fun part LOL) and the whole nine yards.

After shaving my head, tattooing my left ear and slipping a visitor's badge around my neck, I was allowed into the fortress. Not before my guide swiped his extra secret pass through some sophisticated security contraption.

The door opens and in I walk.

OK, so picture this: Rows and rows of long corridors, the walls literally covered with large movie posters of EVERY BIG PRODUCTION FILM YOU HAVE EVER SEEN.

I am walking around looking, pretty much like this:

My guide takes me into a room (no, no not another deep cavity search LOL, just showing me the facility) and points to a first machine, about the size of a refrigerator:

HIM: "this little machine cost One Million Dollars"

ME:  ( speechless)

HIM (walks up to another machine, looking almost identical): "And this one costs One and a Half Million Dollars"

ME  (speechless)

So here I was, clentchin' my little $80 SATA drive, the little ant who had just made a feature film for... Nothing (or just about).

Walking in the world of the GIANTS...   

It was exciting. And ironically I didn't feel insignificant at all. In fact I felt SPECIAL. Like I had something the big studio companies didn't: CHARISMA.

Everyone was very nice to me, ESPECIALLY my guide. A wonderful man who loves old airplanes and cars and has lived the era, he had spent, over the last weeks, over two hours on the phone with me,  educating me in matters of 35 mm film transfers, maintenance, shipping etc. Truly very generous with his time.

Well, it was very exciting to be there and to see how the pros do it. After seeing everything that goes into their films, all the expensive machines there,  I am that much more amazed at how great my film came out, considering I made it out of a little clump of clay (Wait... that reminds me of another story... HAHA!). Making lemonade out of rocks, daily, while in production. The big guy upstairs was looking after me for sure. How else could my film come out looking so darn good? And afteral, God does know how to do a lot with very little clay .

And so I frolicked my self out of the maximum security building, still clenching my $80 SATA drive, a BIG SMILE on my face.

I had DONE IT.


Below: All I needed was LOVE (a little camera and a deuce)




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Friday, July 16th 2010

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I was on a roll last night so I decided to stay up until the wee hours and get the SCENE SELECTION menus done. I had this cool idea of how I wanted to present the scenes, and it worked out very nicely. It was fun to paste one screengrab for each scene and come up with a caption, a couple words that best describe the scene.

Everything lookin' real goooooOOoood.

In fact my DVD menus are going to look every bit as good and professional as any studio film out there. In some cases, better . Of course there are those huge budget productions that have jaw dropping menus that will put anyone to shame. I especially love the Harry Potter films DVD authoring work.

But after seeing just how simple and streamlined the DVD menus were for the drama: "The curious case of Benjamin Button", it goes to show that a period drama only needs to have nice graphics concept, and not so much 3D elaborate transitions and animation.

In my case,  the look and quality of the DVD menu concept and graphics will be comparable with the majority of studio releases, and since it was done by one person, at home, I have good reasons to be very happy, in deed.

Well, gotta run for now, talk to you again tomorrow.


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